Process monitoring – CF inline FAW

For narrow production width, slower speed or a general trend control a single traversing sensor can provide enough information along and across the web. The sensor can either be measuring fiber areal weight or isotropy. As a result, the process engineers are enabled to control both key information’s of recycled carbon fiber material and UD tapes. Using the inline process monitoring, the quality assurance can use the just measured data to improve the ongoing production process.


  • Monitoring production trend across and along the web
  • Non-contact measurement for immediate process feedback
  • Suitable for various product configurations
  • Calibration and adjustment can be performed by user


  • Sensor for fiber areal weight of different size available
  • Sensor for isotropy / degree of orientation
  • High-speed measurement
  • Setting thresholds and warning limits to support machine operator
  • Standard industrial interface Ethernet
  • Small space requirement/ footprint


  • Recycled carbon fiber
  • Chopped CF material
  • Continuous fiber material e.g UD Tape
  • Monitoring conductive coating for cracks

Richard Kupke
Head of Carbon Fiber Testing

+49 (0) 351 321 11-515

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