Online monitoring of carbon fiber areal weight – CF inline FAW

Online process monitoring allows immediate feedback and closed-loop manufacturing of carbon fiber materials. The CF inline FAW provides fiber areal weight data for the continuous roll-to-roll process of recycled carbon fiber, UD-tapes or similar configurations. The solution offers real-time data across the entire width of the web at a competitive price.


  • Full-coverage of web width
  • Non-contact measurement for immediate process feedback
  • Suitable for various product configurations
  • Calibration and adjustment can be performed by user


  • Determining fiber areal weight of carbon fiber or particles
  • Different sensor size / resolution available
  • High-speed measurement
  • Roll report
  • Standard industrial interface Ethernet
  • Small space requirement/ footprint


  • Recycled carbon fiber
  • Chopped CF material
  • Continuous fiber material e.g UD Tape
  • Feature Isotropy determination (on customer request)

Richard Kupke
Head of Carbon Fiber Testing

+49 (0) 351 321 11-515

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