Topography, contour and surface testing are relevant for components with optical purpose and high requirements on dimensions. An excellent tool to solve these tasks are lasers. The triangulation allows exact location of thick or thin areas, distance and outer lines. Hence, it is complementary to eddy current, which focuses on hidden, inner and subsurface parameters.


  • Parallel measurement of shape profile and subsurface effects
  • Quick scan of large areas with single-laser-mode

Characteristics laser:

  • Scan of topography, profile and thickness
  • High accuracy of several µm

Characteristics eddy current

  • Detection of texture and defects in hidden layers
  • Penetration of 2-3mm depending on selected sensor and investigated part

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Application Textural analysis
  • Fiber orientation
  • Fiber distribution and fiber homogeneity
Defect detection
  • Local defects & misalignments
  • Wrinkles & overlaps
  • Gaps & ondulations
  • Delaminations
Fiber weight measurement
  • Anisotropy
Other applications
  • Permitivity
Carbon fiber material Fiber bundles & tapes Fabrics Consolidated parts (CFRP) Others
What kind of testing system do you need? Desktop device / industrial system In-line system Portable
Characteristics of testing object Mostly flat Slightly slant or curved Rotation-symmetrical
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