Look­ing for a handy tool to quickly check spe­ci­men or pro­duc­tion? The CF port­able is a non-de­struct­ive solu­tion that en­ables fast con­trol of fiber areal weight or de­gree of ori­ent­a­tion (iso­tropy) of car­bon fiber ma­ter­i­als. Typ­ic­al ap­plic­a­tions are re­cycled products or car­bon fiber stacks.


  • Fast meas­ure­ment of FAW
  • Quick check of iso­tropy


  • Ref­er­ence based quant­it­at­ive meas­ure­ment of con­duct­ive ma­ter­i­als
  • High sens­it­iv­ity for low con­duct­ive ma­ter­i­als
  • Iso­tropy meas­ure­ment of ran­dom or strongly-ori­ented car­bon ma­ter­i­als
  • Easy to use with touch screen and simple menu
  • Cus­tom­iz­able cal­ib­ra­tions to ex­pand the ap­plic­a­tions
  • Soon: probes with cus­tom­iz­able shapes to match your part geo­metry


  • Car­bon fiber areal weight for re­cycled car­bon material
  • Uni­form­ity of fiber spray­ing pr­co­cess
  • Meas­ur­ing the car­bon fiber volume con­tent (CFC)
  • De­term­in­ing the dom­in­ant fiber angle in CF-SMC
  • Con­duct­ive particles in res­in
  • Meas­ur­ing thick­ness of con­duct­ive coat­ing
  • Meas­ur­ing over­laps of met­al meshes for light­ning pro­tec­tion


Carbon fiber testing portable fiber areal weight tester
Carbon fiber testing portable basis weight
Carbon fiber testing portable fiber areal weight
Carbon fiber testing portable fiber areal weight

Fiber Areal Weight


Measurement of Fiber Areal Weight: EddyCus CF portable FAW

The advantage of the EddyCus CF portable FAW for your applications is that you are enabled to measure:

  • No preparation needed
  • Precise determination of fiber areal weight
  • Immediate data evaluation

As the measurement can be achieved at every spot of the measurement object the handheld device is helpful during the manufacturing process. 


  • Carbon fiber areal weight for recycled cf

Measurement of carbon fiber isotropy: EddyCus CF portable isotropy

The EddyCus CF portable isotropy device is a crafty tool to measure: 

  • carbon fibre material for the fiber uniformity
  • isotropy strength

Receiving this information quickly the EddyCus CF portable isotropy device is an excellent tool for the daily working routine. 

For example, during the moulding process of recycled SMC the resin flow can change the isotropy. Using the measurement opportunity of the EddyCus CF portable isotropy device, the evaluation allows the actual moulding process to be improved.


  • Isotropy measurement of random or strongly-oriented carbon materials


  • Discontinuous carbon fibers
  • Chopped long fibers

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