EddyCus® CF rob - Robot with Eddy Current Sensor and Analysis Software

The EddyCus® CF rob is a solution for carbon fiber parts with complex geometries. It is capable of scanning 2D+ to 3D objects and displaying the inner carbon fiber texture and any inherent defects. Regardless of the processing level, e.g. preform or part, the system scans regions of interest and advanced evaluation software helps to classify the information.


  • Flexible solution to adapt to varying complex geometry
  • Scans relevant regions of interest
  • Displays inner structure and potential defects
  • Suitable for dry preforms and final parts
  • Confirmation of draping simulation and material flow


  • Scans perpendicular to surface to reveal information on the inner texture such as fiber alignment and gap
  • Shows hidden defects for draped materials such as
    • wrinkles,
    • folds,
    • distortion,
    • gaps
    • undulation
    • misalignment
    • fuzz balls
    • overlaps
  • Multiple sensor for different lateral resolution
  • Scan area of 1500x1500mm
  • One sided access required
  • Evaluation software EddyEVA highly recommended to interpret data


  • Actual automotive carbon fiber parts
  • Partial aircraft structures
  • Draped preforms


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