The CF map 6060 is a standalone scanner particularly suitable for at line tests or larger R&D labs. It is dedicated to measure small to medium-sized carbon fiber parts, plates or textiles. Particularly, non-destructive testing of newly designed demo parts for structural defects is a common objective pursued with this device. 


  • Display of inner structure such as fiber orientation and gap distribution
  • Reveals potential defects inside the stack
  • R&D or at-line testing of automotive or aircraft parts


  • Mapping of inner layer to determine uniformity of orientation and gaps
  • Scanning from surface to reveal defects such as
    • wrinkles,
    • folds,
    • distortion,
    • gaps
    • wrong stacking
    • undulation
    • misalignment
    • fuzz balls
    • overlaps
  • Multiple sensor for different lateral and resolution
  • Scan area 600x600mm
  • Multiple sensor for different depth resolution


  • Specimen from automotive carbon fiber parts
  • Cut-outs from textiles and fabrics
  • Partial aircraft structures

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Application Textural analysis
  • Fiber orientation
  • Fiber distribution and fiber homogeneity
Defect detection
  • Local defects & misalignments
  • Wrinkles & overlaps
  • Gaps & ondulations
  • Delaminations
Fiber weight measurement
  • Anisotropy
Other applications
  • Permitivity
Carbon fiber material Fiber bundles & tapes Fabrics Consolidated parts (CFRP) Others
What kind of testing system do you need? Desktop device / industrial system In-line system Portable
Characteristics of testing object Mostly flat Slightly slant or curved Rotation-symmetrical
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