Multi-purpose single point conductivity tester


The EddyCus TF dep (depth profiler) is a unique industrial eddy current measurement device utilizing frequencies from 10 kHz up to 100 MHz dedicated to the characterization of flat specimen. The variation of the measurement frequency allows the control of the penetration depth. The measurement with high frequencies benefits the characterization of near surface material characteristics of bulk materials and thin films. Additionally, the sensitivity increases with increasing measurement frequency. Therefore also very low conductive materials and layers can be characterized. Furthermore, the device supports the generation of depth profiles by utilization of multi frequency measurements. Measurement parameters are conductivity and related characteristics.

SURAGUS TF dep 2020 Conductivity Tester

 Applications and setups

  • Conductivity testing of bulk materials with different penetration depth
  • Material sorting
  • Metal layer thickness testing of conductive layers on non-conductive  materials
  • Paint thickness determination (lift-off) on conductive materials
  • Characterization of material properties such as hardness or microstructure in thin near surface layers of highly and low conductive materials

System characteristic

  • Customized sensor integration according measurement task (penetration depth, spot size, sensitivity)
  • Measurement field: 200 x 200 mm; measurement in the center
  • Positioning help for specimen
  • User friendly software for data tracking and data export

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