EddyCus® TF inline WT Series - Band and Wire Testing Systems

Non-Contact Conductive Wire and Band Testing Solutions for Process Control

The EddyCus® inline WT series are designed for the non-contact continuous inline testing of any conductive wire sharped materials. This solution enables process control, increase of yield, and incoming and outgoing goods inspection.

  • Applications / specimen
    • Conductive coatings on non-conductive materials (conductive coated glass fiber, coated threads)
    • Conductive wires (metal filaments and wires, metal fibers)
    • Conductive band (steal bands, susceptors)
    • Electrical cords and wires
    • Other conductive materials (carbon fiber materials such as roving or rods)
  • Physical values
    • Resistance per length [Ohm/m]
    • Sheet resistance [Ohm/sq],
    • Resistivity [Ohm cm]
    • Thickness / Volume [nm, µm]
  • Defect detection
    • Cracks
    • Coating defects and variation
    • Splice detection
    • Other defects that alter the electric characteristics or current flow (breakages, twist, splice, fuzz, fold, entanglement)
  • Geometry
    • Flat and round material
    • Diameter / width of 0.01 to 10 mm (other on request)
  • Sampling rate / measurement speed
    • 0.1 Hz to 50 kHz suitable for up to 50 m / s movement.
  • Benefits
    • Quality assurance
    • Process control
    • Yield inprovement
    • Customer trust by documented spool / roll report
  • Features
    • Magnetization
    • Alarming
Inline conductive wire testing sheet resistance sensor
Wire testing sensor
Inline conductive band testing sheet resistance sensor
Non-contact wire testing sensor
Inline conductive wires quality monitoring software
Quality monitor
thin film inline control software for wire testing
TF inline Control software
EddyCus® TF inline Control shows results of the sheet resistance testing of a metal band
TF inline Control software live view

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