EddyCus® TF map 5050SR

Contactless sheet resistance mapping system

The Eddy­Cus TF map 5050SR is a non-con­tact map­ping sys­tem for high-res­ol­u­tion ima­ging of the sheet res­ist­ance or cor­rel­ated pro­pri­et­ies such as met­al thick­ness for sampling areas of 50 x 50 mm (2 x 2 inch) up to 500 x 500 mm (20 x 20 inch). The bench-top device auto­mat­ic­ally meas­ures at vari­ous meas­ure­ments points, typ­ic­ally with a pitch in X and Y of 1 mm (40 mil) gen­er­at­ing ac­cur­ate map­pings of street res­ist­ance or thick­ness across the en­tire sample area. The res­ult­ing high-res­ol­u­tion prop­erty im­ages res­ult­ing from many thou­sands of meas­ure­ment points, con­tains vari­ous in­form­a­tion valu­able for R&D and qual­ity as­sur­ance.


  • Non-con­tact meas­ure­ment
  • High-res­ol­u­tion meas­ure­ments with 1 mm pitch (0.25 to 10 mm is also avail­able)
  • Meas­ure­ment is in­de­pend­ent from con­tact qual­ity in com­pas­sion to con­tact­ing meth­ods
  • High-res­ol­u­tion ima­ging of con­duct­ive thin-films ex­pos­ing ma­ter­i­al and pro­cess in­homo­gen­eit­ies
  • Char­ac­ter­iz­a­tion of covered con­duct­ive lay­ers and en­cap­su­lated sub­strates
  • Nu­mer­ous soft­ware in­teg­rated ana­lys­is func­tions (his­to­gram, stand­ard de­vi­ation, line scans, single-point ana­lys­is etc.)
  • Load­ing and reana­lyz­ing data sets
  • Stor­age and ex­port of meas­ure­ment and map­ping data
  • User-friendly PDF re­port­ing for sys­tem­at­ic doc­u­ment­a­tion


  • Con­tact­less sheet res­ist­ance map­ping of thin films
  • Uni­form­ity con­trol and ex­am­in­a­tion of lay­er ho­mo­gen­eity
  • De­fecto­scopy and lay­er ana­lys­is
  • Meas­ur­ing and map­ping of the thick­ness of metal­lic lay­ers
  • Qual­ity con­trol, in­com­ing in­spec­tion, in­spec­tion of out­go­ing goods


  • Meas­ur­ing range : 0.001 to 1000 ohms / sq (oth­er on re­quest)
  • Sample sizes : 50 x 50 mm to 500 x 500 mm²


  • De­pos­ition (sput­ter­ing, evap­or­a­tion , ALD, CVD, elec­tro­plat­ing, print­ing, cast­ing, etc.)
  • Ab­la­tion (etch­ing, pol­ish­ing, laser, EDM etc.)
  • Dop­ing
  • An­neal­ing

Area of ap­plic­a­tion

  • R & D and QA of con­duct­ive lay­ers and lay­er sys­tems
  • Metal­lic lay­ers and met­al foils
  • Photo­vol­ta­ic (Si and thin-film PV)
  • Wafer metal­liz­a­tion
  • Smart glass ap­plic­a­tions / elec­tro­chromic glass / dy­nam­ic glass / Smart Glass
  • Ar­chi­tec­tur­al Glass ( LowE )
  • Mir­ror and re­flect­ive coat­ings
  • Elec­trodes in en­ergy stor­age
  • Con­duct­ive pa­per and con­duct­ive tex­tiles
  • De-icing and heat­ing ap­plic­a­tions
  • Ca­pa­cit­or films
  • Bat­tery elec­trodes
  • Dis­plays, touch screens
  • OLED & LED ap­plic­a­tions


  • Sheet res­ist­ance [Ohm / sq]
  • Thick­ness of metal­lic lay­ers [nm, µm]
  • An­iso­tropy Ima­ging

Ma­ter­i­als and lay­ers 

  • Trans­par­ent con­duct­ive ox­ides (TCOs such as ITO, AZO, FTO, etc.)
  • Thin met­al lay­ers (5 nm to 2 mm de­pend­ing on the con­duct­iv­ity)
  • Doped semi­con­duct­ors (Sil­ic­on)
  • Met­al meshes and met­al wire struc­tures (Sil­ver-nano-wires)
  • Graphene, Graph­ite and car­bon nan­otubes (CNT)
  • Con­duct­ive inks and lac­quers
  • Oth­er con­duct­ive films
Sheet resistance mapping device eddycus TF map 5050SR
Sheet resistance mapper Eddycus TF map 5050SR
Measurement-field sheet resistance mapping device Eddycus TF map 5050SR
SURAGUS TF map 5050SR - Sheet Resistance Mapper
Measurement-field sheet resistance mapping device Eddycus TF map 5050SR

Soft­ware and device con­trol

  • Very user-friendly soft­ware
  • Easy-to-use stat­ist­ic­al ana­lys­is op­tions
  • Vari­ous data ana­lys­is, data sav­ing and ex­port op­tions
Software sheet resistance mapping device Eddycus TF map 5050SR

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