EddyCus® TF portable 1010CT - Handheld Device for Conductivity Testing

The EddyCus TF portable is a handy and portable measurement device for fast contact measurement of large glasses and foils in production or in the field, for example for quick quality checks after manufacturing or as incoming good inspection. The handheld device allows the measurement even of hidden and encapsulated layers. It is an easy-to-use device that is controlled via a touch display.


  • Small and portable measurement device
  • Fast and manual measurement
  • Characterization of hidden and encapsulated conductive layers


  • Con­tact­ing sheet res­ist­ance meas­ure­ment of con­duct­ive thin films
  • Single point meas­ure­ment in con­tact (con­stant dis­tance on re­quest)
  • Planar sur­faces from 150 x 150 mm (smal­ler areas on re­quest)
  • Qual­ity con­trol, in­com­ing in­spec­tion, in­spec­tion of out­go­ing goods


  • Sheet res­ist­ance R_sq in [Ohm/sq]
  • Thick­ness for metal­lic lay­ers [mµ, nm]
  • Emissiv­ity (e)

Areas of Application 

  • Architectural Glass (LowE)
  • Mirror Coatings
  • Reflective layers
  • Packaging foils
  • Electrode layers in smart / electrochromic glass and energy storage
  • Battery electrodes
  • Conductive paper and conductive textiles
Handheld Sheet Resistance Tester SURAGUS EddyCus TF Portable
SURAGUS TF portable for sheet resistance testing


SURAGUS EddyCus® TF portable - Schichtwiderstandsmessgerät
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Mobiles Schichtwiderstandmessgerät für Glas und Folien von SURAGUS - EddyCus® TF portable

Soft­ware and device con­trol

  • User-friendly user in­ter­face
  • Touch dis­play
  • Di­git­al data track­ing
  • Long bat­tery life­time (ap­prox­im­ately 10h in con­tinu­ous op­er­a­tion)
  • In­stant meas­ure­ment of sheet res­ist­ance and cor­rel­ated prop­er­ties such lay­er thick­ness and emissiv­ity
Software sheet resistance measurement EddyCus® TF portable

Product overview Sheet resistance and thickness measurement devices


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