Non-contact sheet resistance and layer thickness measurement device for single point measurements

The EddyCus TF lab 2020 allows manual single point measurements of conductive thin films and layer thickness measurement of thin metal layers in non-contact mode. The compact bench-top device is ideal for fast and accurate measurements of samples up to 200 x 200 mm² (8 x 8 inches). In addition to the measurement of thin conductive layers also doped wafers and conductive polymers can be analyzed.


  • Non-contact real time measurement
  • Precise measurement of conductive thin films
  • Characterization of hidden and encapsulated conductive layers
  • Measurement data saving and export functions

Measurement characteristics:

  • Sheet resistance
  • Thickness measurement of metal layers
  • Single point measurement
  • Quality control, input and output control
  • Sample sizes: 10 x 10 mm² to 200 x 200 mm² (0.5 x 0.5 inches to 8 x 8 inches)
  • Measurement range: 0.001 to 3,000 Ohm/sq


  • Coated architectural glass, e.g. LowE
  • Displays, touch screens and  flat panel displays
  • OLED and LED applications
  • Smart glass
  • Graphene layers
  • Photovoltaic wafers and cells
  • Semiconductor wafers
  • Metallization layers and wafer metallization
  • De-icing and heating applications
  • Battery electrodes
  • Conductively coated paper and conductive textiles
Sheet resistance measurement device EddyCus® TF lab 2020 front
Sheet resistance measurement device EddyCus® TF lab 2020 side view
Thin film sheet resistance measurement device EddyCus® TF lab 2020 isometric view
Sheet resistance measurement device EddyCus® TF lab 2020 with software

Software and device control

  • Very user-friendly software
  • Intuitive, touch display navigation
  • Real-time measurement of sheet resistance and layer thickness
  • Software-assisted manual mapping option
  • Various data saving and export options
Software EddyCus® TF lab Control for sheet resistance measurement

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