Eddy Current Sensor Kit for Measuring Fiber Orientation and Fiber Areal Weight for All Layers of a Stack

Equipment manufacturer, producer of manufacturing lines or automation engineering companies may be wondering, if it is possible to integrated the eddy current system into your machinery. The OEM kit is a very lean component and comprises of the basic elements for eddy current testing:

  • Reflection sensor
  • Control unit
  • Software library for parameter setting
  • Software library for data acquisition
  • Optional: evaluation software

The Eddy Current Sensor Kit is available in different options depending on the measurement task. The most common is the SURAGUS rotation sensor for an automated offline isotropy measurement. The rotation sensor is developed for the analysis of 2D and 3D shaped parts. The sensor is mounted to a robot and takes a line-by-line surface scan and post-analysis with evaluation software (EddyEVA). Our sensors are also compatible with common coordinate measuring machine manufacturers such as Hexagon or Faro. The main application is the display of orientation and fiber area weight of the different layers of a stack. The visualization of the measurement results is done by a polar diagram. The amplitude indicates the fiber area weight or the proximity to the sensor and the angle indicates the fiber orientation. If the position of the plies is known from a reference sample, the fiber area weight can be related and interpreted on the basis of a nominal value.

EddyCus rotation sensor isometric.PNG
EddyCus rotation sensor front.PNG


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