EddyCus® CF inline TOW – Yarn and Tow Testing System

CF-Yarn and tows can be considered as the raw material of high specialized CFRP. Therefore, a general non-destructive quality check for this generic continuous material is relevant too.

87% of the filaments of a 12k roving are inside the roving. The SURAGUS EddyCus® inline TOW system is designed to find defects inside the filament. Cameras only find defects that are visible from the outside, i.e. are on the surface. In order to be able to detect both external and internal defects, SURAGUS use two components. This allows the EddyCus® CF inline TOW-System to obtain even more precise information about the fiber. The camera (EddyCam) detects external defects and the EddyCus®-Sensor detects external and internal defects. This enables the SURAGUS monitoring system to give you higher quality information about the quality of your tow. With the EddyCus® CF inline TOW, you are able to offer higher quality products and provide added value to your customers through the additional quality information.

In the future, e-textiles will play a greater role. The EddyCus® CF inline TOW system measures the uniformity of the conductive coating during production.

The customized solutions aim to identify

  • Degree of carbonization
  • Fiber cracks
  • Entanglement
  • Dry/ wet areas of impregnated tows
  • Absolute/ relative conductivity
  • Uniformity of conductive coating

Please notice these applications are still in development. Feasibility is to be checked upon request.


  • Carbon fiber manufacturer
  • Filament winding machines
  • Tape-laying of TowPreg (AFP = automated-fiber-placement)
  • Taylored fiber placement
  • Anyone handling the raw material (carbon fiber yarn)
  • Coating of conductive yarns


  • Production outbound QC (quality control)
  • Process optimization of carbon fiber roving production. 100% online process monitoring to achieve aerospace grade
  • Carbon fiber processing -> yarn processing in AFP (automated fiber placement)
  • First step of prepreg production & tape laying (e.g. H2tanks) = inbound QC to check manufacturer quality before own process
  • Conductive yarn e.g. with silver coating for smart textiles


Combination of eddy current sensor and optical camera for fault detection of carbon fiber tow
Combination of eddy current sensor and optical camera for fault detection of carbon fiber tow
Image of the EddyCam and an eddy current sensor for the investigation of carbon fibers.
Eddy current sensor for carbon fiber testing
Eddy current sensor for carbon fiber testing


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