Sheet Resistance Calculator

The SURAGUS layer calculator also known as rho tool is able to calculate various physical parameters of single layer systems and double layer systems.

Calculable parameters are:

  • Sheet resistance (also called sheet rho)
  • Bulk resistivity
  • Conductivity
  • Layer thickness

SURAGUS develops and manufactures non-contact measurement devices which are able to measure the sheet resistance, resistivity, conductivity and layer thickness on thin films.

The calculator converts theoretical values based on the laws of physics. We do not vouch for its correctness and applicability to specific conditions.

When it comes to layer stacks there are a few common special cases with advanced theoretical or practical models that we are happy to share with you. You are welcome to get in touch using the contact form.

If you want to read more about sheet resistance, take a look at this page.

Applicable in the following cases:
  • One conductive substrate without any conductive coatings
  • One conductive layer on a non-conductive substrate without any other conductive coatings
??? = 
Bulk resistivity ρ
Layer thickness t
??? = 
Conductivity σ
Layer thickness t
??? = 
Sheet resistance RS
Layer thickness t
??? = 
Bulk resistivity ρ
??? = 
Sheet resistance RS
Layer thickness t
??? = 
Bulk resistivity ρ
Sheet resistance RS
??? = 
Sheet resistance RS
Conductivity σ
??? = 0.0108 * 
Sheet resistance R

Single Layer System

formula single layer.png
single layer.png


Multi Layer System

formula multi layer.png
layer stack.png



List of Materials and their Electrical Conductivity in MS/m and Electrical Resistivity in µΩ·cm

Go directly to the following type of material:

SURAGUS makes no claim that the table is complete. Furthermore, we do not guarantee the correctness of the displayed values.

Search table:
Type of material

Electrical Conductivity

Electrical Resistivity


Silver, Agbasic elements64.51611.55111.23
Aluminum, Albasic elements37.03702.7063.86
Arsenic, Asbasic elements2.173946.003.75
Gold, Aubasic elements45.45452.2078.37
Boron, Bbasic elements1.5385E-0865.00E+80.00
Barium, Babasic elements2.00050.003.45
Beryllium, Bebasic elements23.25584.3040.10
Bismuth, Bibasic elements0.8928112.001.54
Calcium, Ca; Rolledbasic elements21.73914.6037.48
Calcium, Ca; Annealedbasic elements21.73914.6037.48
Cadmium, Cdbasic elements12.98707.7022.39
Cerium, Cebasic elements1.2820578.002.21
Cobalt, Cobasic elements16.02566.2427.63
Chromium, Cr; As-Swagedbasic elements7.692313.0013.26
Chromium, Cr; Recrystallizedbasic elements7.692313.0013.26
Chromium, Cr; Annealedbasic elements7.692313.0013.26
Cesium, Csbasic elements5.263219.009.07
Copper, Cu; Annealedbasic elements58.00131.72100.00
Copper, Cu; Cold-Workedbasic elements58.82351.70101.42
Copper, Cu; Cold Drawnbasic elements58.82351.70101.42
Dysprosium, Dybasic elements1.081192.501.86
Erbium, Erbasic elements1.176585.002.03
Europium, Eubasic elements1.098991.001.89
Iron, Febasic elements11.23608.9019.37
Gallium, Gabasic elements5.714317.509.85
Gadolinium, Gdbasic elements0.7634131.001.32
Germanium, Gebasic elements2.000050.003.45
Hafnium, Hf; Rodbasic elements2.816935.504.86
Hafnium, Hf; Platebasic elements2.816935.504.86
Hafnium, Hf; Stripbasic elements2.816935.504.86
Mercury, Hgbasic elements1.043895.801.80
Holmium, Hobasic elements1.228581.402.12
Indium, Inbasic elements11.90488.4020.53
Iridium, Ir; Cold-Drawnbasic elements21.27664.7036.68
Iridium, Ir; Annealedbasic elements21.27664.7036.68
Potassium, Kbasic elements13.88897.2023.95
Lanthanum, Labasic elements1.253179.802.16
Lithium, Libasic elements11.90488.4020.53
Lutetium, Lubasic elements1.265879.002.18
Magnesium, Mg; Sand Castbasic elements21.73914.6037.48
Magnesium, Mg; Extrudedbasic elements21.73914.6037.48
Magnesium, Mg; Hard-Rolled Sheetbasic elements21.73914.6037.48
Magnesium, Mg; Annealed Sheetbasic elements21.73914.6037.48
Manganese, Mnbasic elements0.6944144.001.20
Molybdenum, Mo, Annealedbasic elements17.54395.7030.25
Molybdenum, Mo, Stress Relievedbasic elements17.54395.7030.25
Molybdenum, Mo, Recrystallizedbasic elements17.54395.7030.25
Sodium, Nabasic elements20.96444.7736.14
Niobium, Nb (Columbium, Cb); Annealed Samplebasic elements6.622515.1011.42
Niobium, Nb (Columbium, Cb); Cold-Workedbasic elements6.622515.1011.42
Niobium, Nb (Columbium, Cb); Wroughtbasic elements6.622515.1011.42
Neodymium, Ndbasic elements1.555264.302.68
Nickel, Nibasic elements15.62506.4026.94
Neptunium, Npbasic elements0.6098164.001.05
Osmium, Os; Annealedbasic elements12.31538.1221.23
Osmium, Os; Cold-Workedbasic elements12.31538.1221.23
Osmium, Os; Arc-Meltedbasic elements12.31538.1221.23
Protactinium, Pabasic elements6.666715.0011.49
Lead, Pbbasic elements4.854420.608.37
Palladium, Pdbasic elements10.07059.9317.36
Praseodymium, Prbasic elements1.470668.002.54
Platinum, Pt, CP Grade, Annealedbasic elements9.434010.6016.27
Platinum, Pt, CP Grade, Hard Drawn - 50% Cold Workedbasic elements9.434010.6016.27
Platinum, Pt, Thermocouple Quality, Annealedbasic elements9.434010.6016.27
Plutonium, Pubasic elements0.6667150.001.15
Rubidium, Rbbasic elements7.8125 - 8.000012.50 - 12.800.00
Rhenium, Re; Annealedbasic elements5.181319.308.93
Rhenium, Re; Deformedbasic elements5.181319.308.93
Rhodium, Rh; Annealedbasic elements23.25584.3040.10
Rhodium, Rh; As-Platedbasic elements23.25584.3040.10
Rhodium, Rh; Hardenedbasic elements23.25584.3040.10
Ruthenium, Ru; Annealedbasic elements13.88897.2023.95
Ruthenium, Ru; Hot Rolled Barbasic elements13.88897.2023.95
Antimony, Sbbasic elements2.439041.004.21
Scandium, Scbasic elements1.964650.903.39
Selenium, Sebasic elements8.333312.0014.37
Silicon, Sibasic elements0.010010,000.000.02
Samarium, Smbasic elements0.9524105.001.64
Tin, Snbasic elements8.695711.5014.99
Strontium, Srbasic elements4.000025.006.90
Tantalum, Ta; Cold Workedbasic elements8.000012.5013.79
Tantalum, Ta; Annealedbasic elements8.000012.5013.79
Tantalum, UNS R05200basic elements8.064512.4013.90
Tantalum, UNS R05400basic elements8.064512.4013.90
Terbium, Tbbasic elements0.8772114.001.51
Technetium, Tc; As-Rolledbasic elements5.405418.509.32
Technetium, Tc; Annealedbasic elements5.405418.509.32
Tellurium, Tebasic elements0.6667150.001.15
Thorium, Thbasic elements7.692313.0013.26
Titanium, Tibasic elements1.805055.403.11
Thallium, Tlbasic elements6.666715.0011.49
Thulium, Tmbasic elements1.479367.602.55
Uranium, U; Castbasic elements3.333330.005.75
Uranium, U; Beta-Annealedbasic elements3.333330.005.75
Uranium, U; Wrought Alpha Phasebasic elements3.333330.005.75
Vanadium, V; Cold Rolledbasic elements4.032324.806.95
Vanadium, V; Vacuum Annealed Wirebasic elements4.032324.806.95
Vanadium, V; Hot Rolled Barbasic elements4.032324.806.95
Vanadium, V; Vacuum Annealed Sheetbasic elements4.032324.806.95
Vanadium, V; Cold Drawn Wirebasic elements4.032324.806.95
Tungsten, Wbasic elements17.69915.6530.52
Tungsten, W, (drawn wire)basic elements17.69915.6530.52
Yttrium, Ybasic elements1.754457.003.02
Yttrium, Y; Annealed Rodbasic elements1.754457.003.02
Ytterbium; Ybbasic elements3.448329.005.95
Zinc; Znbasic elements16.89195.9229.12
Zirconium; Zrbasic elements2.500040.004.31
AISI 1000 Series Steelconstruction materials5.5556 - 50.00002.00 - 18.000.00
AISI 4000 Series Steelconstruction materials3.8002 - 50.00002.00 - 26.300.00
AISI 5000 Series Steelconstruction materials4.3836 - 50.00002.00 - 22.800.00
AISI 6000 Series Steelconstruction materials4.273523.407.37
AISI 8000 Series Steelconstruction materials4.2735 - 50.00002.00 - 23.400.00
AISI 9000 Series Steelconstruction materials5.7471 - 50.00002.00 - 17.400.00
Low Alloy Steelconstruction materials0.7042 - 50.00002.00 - 142.000.00
Medium Alloy Steelconstruction materials1.5385 - 5.882417.00 - 65.000.00
Austeniticconstruction materials0.0133 - 13.51357.40 - 7,500.000.00
Low Carbon Steelconstruction materials3.3333 - 50.00002.00 - 30.000.00
Medium Carbon Steelconstruction materials0.7042 - 7.042214.20 - 142.000.00
High Carbon Steelconstruction materials3.3333 - 50.00002.00 - 30.000.00
Cast Ironconstruction materials0.7042 - 20.00005.00 - 142.000.00
Alloy Cast Ironconstruction materials9.0909E-07 - 7.042314.20 - 110.00E+060.00
Stainless Steelconstruction materials0.6894 - 22.22224.50 - 145.000.00
Cold Work Steelconstruction materials1.5625 - 1.851954.00 - 64.000.00
Hot Work Steelconstruction materials1.6949 - 2.000050.00 - 59.000.00
Aluminum 2024-Oconstruction materials28.65333.4949.40
Aluminum 2024-T3construction materials17.18215.8229.62
Aluminum 2024-T361construction materials17.18215.8229.62
 Aluminum 2024-T6construction materials22.27174.4938.40
Alluminum Alloyconstruction materials33.3333 - 37.03702.70 - 3.000.00
Beryllium Alloyconstruction materials1.1025 - 40.00002.50 - 90.700.00
Bismuth Alloyconstruction materials0.8929 - 2.941234.00 - 112.000.00
Cobalt Alloyconstruction materials0.7042 - 16.02566.24 - 142.000.00
Copper Alloyconstruction materials0.2041 - 59.88021.67 - 490.000.00
Brassconstruction materials3.5714 - 31.44653.18 - 28.000.00
Bronzeconstruction materials4.0000 - 27.77783.60 - 25.000.00
Copper Casting Alloyalloys1.0438 - 53.47591.87 - 95.800.00
Wrought Copperalloys7.5188 - 59.17161.69 - 13.300.00
Indium Alloyalloys1.9231 - 13.88897.20 - 52.000.00
Lead Alloyalloys2.32558 - 7.142914.00 - 43.000.00
Magnesium Alloyalloys0.9091 - 21.73914.60 - 110.000.00
Molybdenum Alloyalloys4.5455 - 27.02703.70 - 22.000.00
Nickel Alloyalloys0.1449 - 20.40824.90 - 690.000.00
Niobium Alloyalloys6.2500 - 8.000012.50 - 16.000.00
Gold Alloyalloys2.7100 - 45.45452.20 - 36.900.00
Palladium Alloyalloys2.3256 - 10.07059.93 - 43.000.00
Platinum Alloyalloys1.5038 - 9.434010.60 - 66.500.00
Silver Alloyalloys0.1276 - 68.02721.47 - 784.000.00
Refractory Metalalloys3.4483 - 52.63161.90 - 29.000.00
Solder/Braze Alloyalloys0.1276 - 60.97561.64 - 784.000.00
Tin Alloyalloys2.9412 - 9.615410.40 - 34.000.00
Alpha/Beta Titanium Alloyalloys0.4878 - 1.087092.00 - 205.000.00
Destech Open-Celled Glassy Carbon Foamcarbon0.01258,000.000.02
Nanocyl NANOCYL™ NC1000 Single-Wall
Isolated and Bundled Carbon Nanotubes 
carbon1.0000 - 10.000010.00 - 100.000.00
Nanocyl NANOCYL™ NC7000 Thin Multi-
Wall Carbon Nanotubes
carbon1.0000 - 10.000010.00 - 100.000.00
Goodfellow Multi Wall Carbon Nanotube Powdercarbon1.0000100.001.72
 Grolltex Large Area CVD Graphene Film on Si/SiO2,
150mm Diameter
carbon1.0000E-05 - 0.00011.00E+06 - 10.00E+070.00
Grolltex Large Area CVD Graphene Film on Si/SiO2,
200mm Diameter
carbon3.3333E-06 - 2.0000E-055.00E+06 - 3.00E+070.00
Goodfellow Reduced Graphene Oxide (GO) Powdercarbon6.6667E-04150,000.000.00
Poco Graphite EDM-1 EDM Graphitecarbon0.05181,930.000.09
Graphite, Carboncarbon0.01676,000.000.03
 UCAR Carbon UCAR® CBY Extruded Graphitecarbon0.1191840,000.000.00
Poco Graphite TM Industrial Grade Graphitecarbon0.08201,220.000.14
Zoltek™ PX35 Continuous Tow Carbon Fibercarbon0.06451550.000.11
Zoltek™ PX35 P/TW28-50 Woven Carbon Fiber Fabriccarbon0.06451550.000.11
SGL S001 EPY Staple Carbon Fiber, Epoxy Sizingcarbon0.06251600.000.11
Zoltek™ OX Staple Oxidized PAN Fibercarbon1.2500E-138.00E+140.00
ABS/Polyester Alloypolymer1.0000E-20 - 1.0000E-191.00E+21 - 1.00E+220.00
Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), Moldedpolymer1.0000E-22 - 1.0000E-111.00E+13 - 1.00E+240.00
Acrylic, General Purpose, Moldedpolymer1.0000E-21 - 1.0000E-141.00E+16 - 1.00E+230.00
Acrylic, Extrudedpolymer1.0000E-19 - 1.0000E-161.00E+18 - 1.00E+210.00
Epoxy Adhesivepolymer2.0000E-21 - 1.0000100 - 5.00E+220.00
Polyetheretherketone, PEEK, Aramid Fiber Filledpolymer1.0000E-20 - 1.0000E-081.00E+10 - 1.00E+220.00
Polycarbonate, Moldedpolymer5.0000E-22 - 1.0000E-131.00E+15 - 2.00E+230.00
Polycarbonate, Extrudedpolymer5.0000E-22 - 1.0000E-071.00E+09 - 2.00E+230.00
Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), Unreinforcedpolymer1.0000E-22 - 2.0000E-115.00E+12 - 1.00E+240.00
Polyetherimide (PEI)polymer1.0000E-22 - 0,0010100,000.00 - 1.00E+240.00
Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), Moldedpolymer1.0000E-20 - 1.0000E-191.00E+21 - 1.00E+220.00
Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), Film Gradepolymer1.0000E-19 - 2.0000E-075.00E+08 - 1.00E+210.00
Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE), Moldedpolymer1.0000E-191.00E+210.00
Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE), Extrudedpolymer3,3333E-21 - 1.000E-191.00E+21 - 3.00E+220.00
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Injection Moldedpolymer1.0000E-21 - 1.0000E-091.00E+11 - 1.00E+230.00
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Extrudedpolymer1.0000E-24 - 1.0000E-081.00E+10 - 1.00E+260.00
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Pipe Gradepolymer1.0000E-21 - 1.0000E-091.00E+11 - 1.00E+230.00
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Blow Molding Gradepolymer1.0000E-19 - 1.0000E-081.00E+10 - 1.00E+210.00
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Glass fiber Filledpolymer1.0000E-20 - 1.0000E-071.00E+09 - 1.00E+220.00
MarkeTech Silicon Single Crystal Semiconductor Wafer,
p-type, Boron Doped, 
semiconductors2.0000E-06 - 0.002050.00E+03 - 50.00E+060.00
MarkeTech Silicon Single Crystal Semiconductor Wafer,
n-type, Phosphorous Doped
semiconductors4.0000E-06 - 0.001010,000.00 - 25,000.000.00
 MarkeTech Silicon Single Crystal Semiconductor Wafer,
n-type, Antimony Doped
semiconductors0.0050 - 0.01258,000.00 - 20,000.000.00
MarkeTech Silicon Single Crystal Semiconductor Wafer,
n-type, Arsenic Doped
MarkeTech Silicon Single Crystal Semiconductor Wafer,
n-type, Phosphorous Doped
semiconductors5.0000E-07 - 1.6667E-056.00E+06 - 200.00E+060.00
 MarkeTech Silicon Single Crystal Semiconductor Wafer,
p-type, Dopant: NDT, 
semiconductors5.0000E-07 - 2.0000E-055.00E+06 - 200.00E+060.00
 S-Glass Fibersemiconductors1.1050E-159.05E+160.00
Silizium 300K, p-type, Boron doped, technical utility rangesemiconductors1.0000E-06 - 0.01258.00E+03 - 100.00E+060.00
Silizium 300K, n-type, Phosporous doped, technical utility rangesemiconductors1.0000E-06 - 0.02504.00E+03 - 100.00E+060.00
Gallium Arsenide, GaAs, p-type, 10^15/cm^3 concentrationsemiconductors4.1246E-0624,244,620.170.00
Gallium Arsenide, GaAs, p-type, 10^16/cm^3 concentrationsemiconductors4.7863E-052,089,296.130.00
Gallium Arsenide, GaAs, p-type, 10^17/cm^3 concentrationsemiconductors3.9460E-04253,,23.070.00
Gallium Arsenide, GaAs, p-type, 10^18/cm^3 concentrationsemiconductors3.1623E-0331,622.780.01
Gallium Arsenide, GaAs, p-type, 10^19/cm^3 concentrationsemiconductors0.01367,334.740.02
Silicium, Si, p-type,  10^15/cm^3 concentrationsemiconductors7.0170E-0614,251,026.700.00
Silicium, Si, p-type,  10^16/cm^3 concentrationsemiconductors7.2444E-051,380,384.270.00
Silicium, Si, p-type,  10^17/cm^3 concentrationsemiconductors3.6115E-04276,890.270.00
Silicium, Si, p-type,  10^18/cm^3 concentrationsemiconductors1.6276E-0361,441.460.00
Silicium, Si, p-type,  10^19/cm^3 concentrationsemiconductors0.010010,000.000.02
Germanium, Ge, p-type,  10^15/cm^3 concentrationsemiconductors2.7542E-053,630,780.550.00
Germanium, Ge, p-type,  10^16/cm^3 concentrationsemiconductors2.6490E-04377,505.320.00
Germanium, Ge, p-type,  10^17/cm^3 concentrationsemiconductors1.8588E-0353,798.380.00
Germanium, Ge, p-type,  10^18/cm^3 concentrationsemiconductors0.010010,000.000.02
Germanium, Ge, p-type,  10^19/cm^3 concentrationsemiconductors0.04312,319.450.07
Gallium Arsenide, GaAs, n-type, 10^15/cm^3 concentrationsemiconductors8.3176E-051,202,264.440.00
Gallium Arsenide, GaAs, n-type, 10^16/cm^3 concentrationsemiconductors6.1442E-4162,756.540.00
Gallium Arsenide, GaAs, n-type, 10^17/cm^3 concentrationsemiconductors5.3798E-318,587.920.01
Gallium Arsenide, GaAs, n-type, 10^18/cm^3 concentrationsemiconductors0.04502,218.980.08
Gallium Arsenide, GaAs, n-type, 10^19/cm^3 concentrationsemiconductors0.2769361.150.48
Silicium, Si, n-type,  10^15/cm^3 concentrationsemiconductors2.1878E-054,570,881.900.00
Silicium, Si, n-type,  10^16/cm^3 concentrationsemiconductors1.7783E-04562,341.330.00
Silicium, Si, n-type,  10^17/cm^3 concentrationsemiconductors1.1421E-0387,560.390.00
Silicium, Si, n-type,  10^18/cm^3 concentrationsemiconductors3.9460E-0325,342.310.01
Silicium, Si, n-type,  10^19/cm^3 concentrationsemiconductors0.01636,144.150.03
Germanium, Ge, n-type,  10^15/cm^3 concentrationsemiconductors6.6069E-051,513,561.250.00
Germanium, Ge, n-type,  10^16/cm^3 concentrationsemiconductors501.19E-06199,526.230.00
Germanium, Ge, n-type,  10^17/cm^3 concentrationsemiconductors2.6300E-0338,018.940.00
Germanium, Ge, n-type,  10^18/cm^3 concentrationsemiconductors0.01586,309.570.03
Germanium, Ge, n-type,  10^19/cm^3 concentrationsemiconductors6.9183E-081,445,439,771.000.00
Mateck Zinc Sulphide, ZnSsemiconductors100.0000E-18 - 1.0000E-121.00E+14 - 1.00E+180.00
Mateck Zinc Selenide, ZnSesemiconductors100.0000E-18 - 0.002050,000.00 - 1.00E+180.00
Mateck Zinc Telluride, ZnTesemiconductors1.0000E-101.00E+120.00
Zinc Germanium Phosphide, ZnGeP2semiconductors2.7778E-113.60E+120.00
Zinc Silicon Phosphide, ZnSiP2semiconductors5.5556E-111.80E+120.00
Silver pasteprinting paste3.3333 - 10.000010.00 - 30.000.00
Platinum pasteprinting paste9.434010.6016.27
Copper pasteprinting paste1.6667 - 5.882417.00 - 60.000.00
SiSiC, Silicium Carbidesemidonductors1.0000E-071.00E+090.00
Gallium Arsenide, GaAssemiconductors1E-111.00E+130.00
ITO, Indium tin oxideTransparent conductive
In2O3,  Indium(III) oxideTransparent conductive
SnO2, Tin oxideTransparent conductive
ZnO, Zinc oxideTransparent conductive
ZnO:Al, Aluminium dopedTransparent conductive
CdSnO2, Cadmium-tin oxideTransparent conductive
Cdo:In, Cadmium oxide, Indium dopedTransparent conductive
Zno and ZnMg2O, Aluminium doped,
deposition with magnetron sputtering
Transparent conductive
ZnO:Al, Zinc Oxide,Aluminium doped, 
Aqueous solution deposition
Transparent conductive
ZnO:Al, Zinc Oxide, Aluminium doped, pulsed laser depositionTransparent conductive
ZnO:In, Zinc Oxide, Indium doped, sputtering depositionTransparent conductive
ZnO:Al, Zinc Oxide,  Aluminium doped,
Transparent conductive
ZnO:Al, Zinc Oxide,  Aluminium doped,
Chemical spray
Transparent conductive
ZnO:Al, Zinc Oxide,  Aluminium doped,
magnetic sputtering and post annealing
Transparent conductive
ZnO:Al, Zinc Oxide,  Aluminium doped,
Magnetron co-Sputtering and post annealing
Transparent conductive
ZnO:Al, Zinc Oxide,  Aluminium doped,
Microwave assisted sol-gel synthesis
Transparent conductive
ZnO:Si, Zinc Oxide, Silicium doped,
Aerosol assisted Chemical vapor deposition
Transparent conductive
ZnO:Al+Ga, High-throughput continuous
hydrotermal flow synthesis, pellets
Transparent conductive
ZnO:Al+Ga, Aerosol asisted Chemical transport,
Transparent conductive
PEDOT:PPS (AL 4083)Transparent conductive
20.0000E-09 - 200.0000E-095.00E+08 - 5.00E+090.00
PEDOT:PPS (PH100)Transparent conductive
PEDOT:PPS (HTL Solar 3)Transparent conductive
10.0000E-06 - 100.0000E-061.00E+06 - 10.00E+060.00
PEDOT:PPS (HTL Solar 3)Transparent conductive
200.0000E-09 - 20.0000E-065.00E+06 - 500.00E+060.00
FTO, Fluorine doped Tin Oxide, 1%Transparent conductive
FTO, Fluorine doped Tin Oxide 3%Transparent conductive
FTO, Fluorine doped Tin Oxide, 5%Transparent conductive
FTO, Fluorine doped Tin Oxide 7%Transparent conductive

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