Areal Weight and Isotropy

Determining Fiber Areal Weight and Degree of Isotropy


The novel eddy current-based technology allows to determine the fiber areal weight of carbon fiber fabrics without contact. The underlying assumption is: the quantity of conductivity corresponds with the amount of carbon fiber present in a certain area.

The EddyCus CF system is able to measure the grammage and carbon fiber volume content of carbon fiber non-wovens or short fibers at a high local areal resolution. Additionally, the system can be used for industrial inline process control.

  • Non-contact
  • Real-time
  • Inline fiber areal weight monitoring or high resolution scan by individual fiber areal weight testing systems
  • Monitoring via network and instant process adjustment upon material variation
  • Time stamp or trigger controlled

The sensors can be stacked to monitor the entire textile width. This measurement information can be fed back to the processing machine, in order to adjust the manufacturing process for example of carbon non-wovens to keep it within tolerances. Additionally, each roll can be equipped with a datasheet showing the local fiber areal weight at any position of the roll.

The isotropy describes whether a material has the same properties in all directions e.g. a typical metal. Anisotropic materials have prevalent orientation and uneven distribution of mechanical load like UD-carbon fiber tapes. In particular for short fiber products such as carbon fiber SMC, it is therefore relevant to monitor the main angles in which the material is capable of distributing external stress.

The EddyCus technology allows to determine the state of isotropy by measuring the prevalent bulk fiber orientation. Similar to tensile tests in various direction the captured data provide an information the distribution of orientations, in the identical location. There is no cut-out and destructive test required.


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