Non-Destructive Testing Solutions for Composites, Thin-Films and Low and High Conductive Boundary Layers

The German SURAGUS GmbH develops, manufactures and markets measuring and testing solutions based on eddy current testing technology. The wide and high frequency range of EddyCus systems allows the testing of very low to good conductive materials. The EddyCus testing systems are used for the characterization of coatings, fiber reinforced composites and metals, alloys, semiconductors, ceramics or plastics. The Eddy Current systems generate defined electromagnetic fields that interact depending on the amount of material and its properties conductivity (σ), permeability (µr) and permittivity (ε) with the test object. EddyCus testing systems are used for serial testing, process control and quality assurance in large multinational companies, SMEs, testing laboratories and research institutes on five continents. Our customers value the multiplicity of applications, the high accuracy, user-friendly software and our fast service. SURAGUS is driven by innovation, for which the company was awarded with several innovation awards and the title "German hidden champion". The available modular hardware and software platform enables the fulfillment of complex projects in a short period of time.

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Carbon Fiber Testing

Roboter – Carbon Fiber Testing

The EddyCus® series specially addresses the carbon fiber processing industry. The non-destructive testing portfolio comprise solutions for roving or tow manufacturing, for fiber spreading, weaving and layup, draping/ preforming, injection and infusion (RTM) as well as pultruding processes, composite testing and recycling processes. This involves gap detection, orientation assessment, fiber areal weight (FAW) determination, isotropy testing as well as the detection of further effects and defects in carbon structure and matrix.

Thin Film Inline R2R / S2S Sensor System

Non-contact Inline Sheet Resistance Measurement using Eddy Current Technology

The EddyCus® series comprises solutions for non-contact thin-film characterization. Those are used to measure metal layer thickness, sheet resistance, conductivity, optical density, electrical (an)isotropy or the detection of (in)homogeneities and defects. A further application is the thickness measurement of wet layers and measuring residual moisture after drying processes. Furthermore, solutions for the characterization of boundary layers of bulk materials are used for the detection of near-surface defects or variations in the material composition or the evaluation of structural properties.

If you want to read more about sheet resistance, visit this page.

Inline Wafer Monitoring System

Non-contact Inline Sheet Resistance Measurement for Solar Wafers

Different high efficiency wafer-based cells are available. Cell and module manufacturing is cost driven. For achieving highest efficiency at lowest manufacturing cost, the following processes have to be monitored:

  • Incoming wafer
  • Metal grid
  • Electrodes
  • Buffer or seed layer
  • Tunnel oxide
  • Passivation layer


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