• no space for a device required
  • no budget required for a self-owned measurement device
  • no training period for a measurement expert required

You benefit from the experience of our employees who measure and analyze samples with our instruments on a daily basis. This means that you do not need a training period or an extra trained expert.

We have a range of high precision devices, meaning we can select the most suitable device for your measurement task to get the best and most meaningful results.


  1. You send us the objects of interest
  2. We measure them
  3. We create a test report
  4. We send the samples and the test report to you

Structure of a measurement study

Our test report complies with standard scientific criteria. First, we provide an overview of the measured samples. We describe the measurement setup used consisting of instrument, settings/calibration and with which NIST reference standard the instrument was calibrated. This makes the measurement setup fully traceable and reproducible. For each sample we perform several measurements and calculate the average. All values are provided transparently. For each sample we also give a short assessment after the measurement and include the mapped results in the report. In the summary, the results are taken up again in detail and commented. After you have received and viewed the measurement study, we discuss the study with you.




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