H2 and CNG Storage

Safety and cost are crucial aspects in high-pressure hydrogen and CNG storage and transportation. High frequency eddy current technology enables a broad spectrum of characterization tasks within the manufacturing process of high-pressure storage and transporation tank manufacturing.


  • Fiber fuzz detection
  • Fiber breakage detection
  • Splice detection
  • Measuring carbon fiber weight
  • Level of impregnation (resin)
  • Local fiber orientation


  • Inbound quality control of carbon tow
  • Process damage monitoring of carbon fiber roving
  • Resin impregnation via pre & post measurement
  • Outbound quality check of tank layup


  • Filament winding
  • Prepreg winding
  • Towpreg winding
  • Automated fiber placement


  • Carbon fiber
  • Carbon fiber tow
  • Carbon and glas fiber


  • CNG storage tank
  • Hydrogen storage tank


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