More sophisticated and automated interpretation of your eddy current data necessary? EddyEVA Analysis Software is design to assist evaluating captured 2D and 3D scan data. Saving, loading and applying assessment recipes to one scan to many more supports the fast and advanced analysis of eddy current data.


  • Apply the same evaluation recipes to a series of measurements (similar products)
  • Marking of gaps (gap algorithm) based on thresholds
  • Create reports (template given)
  • Automated separation into smaller regions of interest for individual analysis
  • Results can conclude to change measurement recipe


  • Graphical user interface only for display of eddy current scans
  • Loading of scans (data are eddy current real and imaginary values)


  • Impedance view (advanced eddy current view). Possible to select metal inclusion based on their different electrical conductivity rather than on textural algorithm.
  • Rotate, stretch, zoom scan – if scan is very large or small
  • HOG – histogram of orientated gradients = shows the detected fiber orientations
  • Histogram – shows distribution of data. Cut off low or high data to improve contrast
  • Layer detection – automated and manual. Selected the relevant fiber orientation and set tolerance (e.g. 45° +- 3° tolerance)
  • Filtering – sharpen the scan, horizontal or vertical filter
  • Contrast – enhance black & white contrast
  • Gap algorithm – detects gaps based on thresholds
  • Multiple regions of interest – divides the whole scan in smaller regions for detailed analysis
  • Editable report docx, pdf, rtf format
  • Saving and applying of evaluation recipes to asses multiple scans with the same settings
  • Comparison of multiple scans from various products


  • Analysis new carbon fiber parts faster and better. Compare to previous scans.
  • Improve current results and adapt measurement settings accordingly
  • Filter non-textural data -> right to show anomalies hidden behind the texture


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