EddyCus® TF map 2530SR - Non-contact Sheet Resistance and Metal Layer Thickness Mapping Device

The Eddy­Cus TF map 2530SR auto­mat­ic­ally meas­ures the sheet res­ist­ance of large samples up to 300 x 300 mm² (12 x 12 inches) in non-con­tact mode. Upon manu­al sample po­s­i­tion­ing the device auto­mat­ic­ally meas­ures and dis­plays an ac­cur­ate map­ping of the sheet res­ist­ance across the en­tire sample area. The meas­ure­ment set­tings al­low eas­ily and flex­ibly to choose between fast meas­ure­ment times of be­low 1 minute or high spa­tial meas­ure­ment res­ol­u­tion of more than 100,000 meas­ure­ment points.


  • Non-contact real time measurement of substrates up to 300 x 300 m² (12 x 12 inches)
  • High resolution mapping of conductive thin films
  • Characterization even of hidden and encapsulated conductive layers
  • Various software-integrated analysis functions (e.g. sheet resistance distribution, line scans, single point analysis)
  • Measurement data saving and export functions

Measurement characteristics

  • Sheet resistance
  • Thin layer uniformity control
  • Defect detection and coating analysis
  • Measurement and mapping of metal layer thickness
  • Quality control, input and output control
  • Sample sizes: 50 x 50 mm² to 300 x 300 mm² (2 x 2 inches to 12 x 12 inches)
  • Measurement range: 0.001 to 10,000 Ohm/sq


  • Coated architectural glass, e.g. LowE
  • Displays, touch screens and  flat panel displays
  • OLED and LED applications
  • Smart glass
  • Graphene layers
  • Photovoltaic wafers and cells
  • Semiconductor wafers
  • Metallization layers and wafer metallization
  • De-icing and heating applications
  • Battery electrodes
  • Conductively coated paper and conductive textiles
Sheet resistance mapper EddyCus® TF map 2525SR
Sheet resistance mapping device EddyCus® TF map 2525
Mapping of sheet resistance EddyCus® TF map 2525SR
Eddycus® TF map 2525SR sheet resistance mapping device

Software and device control

  • Very user-friendly software
  • Real-time mapping measurement
  • Easy-to-use statistical analysis options
  • Various data analysis, data saving and export options

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